Will you join me?

Lindsay Stevenson

I'm presenting on

at CPA Convene, a virtual event on
October 3 from 12-1PM ET.

Join this virtual conference to find out what you can do today to prepare for the future of our profession.


This virtual conference is designed to foster contribution from individual CPAs and initiate meaningful discussion around the themes that are most pressing for the future of the CPA profession. The event is crafted to give voice to the attendees as stakeholders of the profession and to share expertise and insight across the global community.

"Unlike most virtual events, CPA Convene is designed around interaction between attendees and presenters that unearth insights that make an impact. The accounting profession is going through revolutionary changes. Think of CPA Convene as our Continental Congress — a place where we can talk about what we want in the future and start the ball rolling."

Allen Lloyd
Executive Director of the Montana Society of CPAs

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